Admission Essay

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  • You have to create a story about yourself without using secondary resources. The story has to depict your life, your interests, you goals, your future plans, your career aspirations, your academic background, your skills and abilities.

College admission essays must be free of errors and be logically structured. Even though admission essay rarely exceeds two-page length, it must be attention-getting and interesting to read. For example, diversity admissions essays have to inform the reader about your life as well as touch the issue of diversity somehow. Not so easy to accomplish, its not it?

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  • For example, you may be asked to write about the happiest moment in your life or about your career plans. You cannot simply create a list of your dreams or accomplishment. You have to unite your ideas into one coherent piece of writing and inform the reader about your life from the standpoint relevant to admission process. You cannot write that you are the happiest person on the planet, you have to explain why you think so.

Examples, examples, and more examples. This is the only effective technique of successful admission essays writing to keep in mind.

We do not recommend copying admission essays online because you are not the only person to copy them. Imagine that a commission officer reads five identical essays (one of which is under your name). Will he be impressed? No! Will you have a second chance? No! Are you ready to assume such a risk? We are sure you are not willing to risk with your academic success!

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