Admissions essays

Your essay is a major weapon in the admissions war. Your essay is your lance, your sword, your ace in the hole, your life preserver. That's how attentively you should view it.

  • As a future student, you will be particularly scrutinized when it comes to college admission essays.

Your transcript will not answer all of the questions posed by admissions committee—this is your chance to shape and color (no pun intended) their opinion and clarify any doubts they may have about your value to their campus.

Writing college admission essays

Sure, the quality of your academic work is an all-important factor, as well as the crucial test scores.

  • But admissions personnel are human, curious—nosy, even—so you should use this opportunity to let them into your house, let them see the furniture, your baby pictures if needed; let them know how wonderful you'd be as a leader, a dorm personality, someone's roommate.

Make them look at and discuss you. They don't want to just evaluate the competency of your essay writing, they want to guess, speculate, and theorize about the content of your character. Your college admissions essays —what you have to say and how you say it—are your sermon and testimony on the subject.

Custom college essays

So pump your gas pedal! If you hope to gain a prestigious admit, make that maximum, go-for-the-gold-effort. Be sure that of 11 candidates, eight are interchangeable.

  • Without question, there is often a thin line between the winners and the losers in the admissions game.

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