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Compare and contrast essay is a special type of academic assignment which is characterized by comparative form of writing. The typical aspect of any compare and contrast essay is a descriptive comparison of two or more subjects, objects, events or phenomena in order to reveal the similarities and dissimilarities between them. Sometimes, it seems quite easy to complete; however, a lot of students, especially first-year students, find it difficult to fulfill the assignment correctly. Our task is to help those students to overcome such academic challenges.

Compare and Contrast Essay: The Essence

Compare and contrast essay represents the author's several viewpoints on certain topics. The comparative analysis of two or more subjects is an important academic skills that can be useful in further professional practice. For example, there is an assignment to compare and contrast two different movies which reflect similar plot or story: it can be "The Untouchables" and "Road to Perdition" movies. The task of author is to define the authenticity of events in both movies and show how they differently or similarly illustrate the historical epoch of 1930s in the USA. We have a solid experience in writing of compare and contrast essays, we know the specifics of this work and we know how to make it professionally.

Compare and Contrast Essay: The Structure

Compare and contrast essay is written by traditional writing format. In order to bring a good flow of writing language in this type of work, our writers usually design the compare and contras essay by the following format:

  • introduction – the section where the writer gives a common description of the topic and subjects of comparison;
  • subject number one – the section discloses the characteristics and necessary facts about first topic of comparison;
  • subject number two – the next section reveals the information about the second topic;
  • comparison part – the core section of the work where the writer contrasts and compares both topics summarizing the similarities and dissimilarities;
  • conclusions – the final section of the work which collects the common findings of the author.

As a matter of fact, there are other writing formats as well, and our writing agency is ready to work with the rest formats that seem to be suitable to our customers.

Compare and Contrast Essay: The Formalities

Compare and contrast essay is a responsible work that requires diligence and competence in several fields of science. We care of your comfort and your money; therefore, we thoroughly control the works of our writers on plagiarism and copy paste.