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What are personal statements? Personal statements are written as part of admission process. Personal statement help we offer is provided by professional personal statement writers who are aware of the secrets of successful writing!

  • Unlike college admission essays, personal statement writing is short (less than one page) and should outline your motivation to seek admission to the chosen college or university.
  • Unlike English essay writing, personal statements are not essays and should be very concise and to the point. offers you an opportunity to order custom college essays of any complexity and any academic type. You will not get a mark on your personal statement essay; however, it will determine whether or not you are admitted to university. Therefore, its importance should not be underestimated. You can wait until the last day to write it or contact our personal statement writer to get professional essay paper help with writing.

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Internet is overfilled with paper mills that deliver essays stored in a database. None of their personal statement is original. They simply copy/paste whatever they have and you receive 100% plagiarism personal statements. We think that professional college essay service is fundamentally different from paper mills’ system.Personal essay help is qualitative, reliable, and trusted!

Once you place an order (personal statement essay, for example), we assign write experienced in personal statement writing to help you. Once your personal statement is written (prior to deadline), the writer upload an essay, you read it, and if anything should be changed or added, you are welcome to request free revisions. Thus, all of your requirements are met!

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You cannot tell the story of your life or mention achievements you do not have. You cannot write about your childhood, while you can mention the person who has influenced your choice. Personal statement essay writing process is complicated. You have to plan the structure prior to writing. You have to think what information should come first and what last.

You cannot submit personal statement without proofreading and editing it. You will definitely find several spelling or grammar mistakes. Special attention should be paid to style: it should be a mix of personal letter and formal style. Your aim is not to impress the reader with usage of long complicated words, but rather with a sincere essay about your motivation.

Placing an order at our site, you are entitled to direct communication with the writer, to adequate custom service, and free revisions. No customer is left without answer! Feel free to contact us if you need more information on personal statements writing.

Where to buy cheap personal statements writing services?

Are you making one of these personal statement mistakes?

  • Coming across as too needy. Even if you have certain obstacles, don’t make them a central idea of your personal statement. Avoid lamenting tough financial situation, family issues and moaning “please take me in I need it so badly”.
  • Bragging your achievements all the way. Bragging itself is a good thing, but avoid using all 47-line essay limit to praise yourself. Some essays look like a constant praise to the student’s ego: a long list of awards, achievements, community activities and more. Yet, this kind of essay doesn’t say anything about the applicant’s personality which is what the committee expects.
  • Using clichés. People rely on clichés when they lack writing abilities to express their ideas uniquely. So, try avoiding overused phrases like ‘since my childhood’ or ‘I have a real thirst for knowledge’. Even if you do, these phrases aren’t going to impress the committee.
  • Not editing carefully. Because the competition in top universities is tough, every hyphen and letter matters. Using ‘rite’ instead of ‘right’, ‘idle’ instead of ‘idol’ or ‘miss used’ instead of ‘misused’ can easily cost you an admission as it shows that your poured in little effort in writing.

Although it’s a seemingly manageable task, most students have troubles composing a really good personal statement. They pick not the kind of information the tutors expect them to include and fail to present themselves at their best. They make mistakes in writing that lower their chances of getting in. They try so hard to be creative that they end up looking blatantly weird. Don’t want to make the mistakes that most of your peers do? Contact the professional admission writers of our company and say, “Write my personal statement for me!”

Top academic writers are at your disposal

Our company provides high-quality writing help for all academic levels, from high school to Master’s. We staff former college teachers, tutors and experienced academic writers who can complete the task of any complexity. Even if your major is complex or rare (such as Electric Engineering, Statistics, or Chemistry), we have the writer to assist you. Moreover, you can choose between the British and American writer depending on where your target university is located.

Speaking of personal statement writing specifically, we’ve written hundreds of them since our agency has been around. Our writers combine commitment to writing excellence, understanding of the underlying university requirements and great customer service. So, we are confident that you will like the essay written by our admissions expert.

It is absolutely legit to use our services. You will be given all rights of the written personal statement or any other paper, and use it the way you find appropriate.

Top 5 reasons to hire personal statement writers

  • Custom writing – your paper will be created exclusively for you. We don’t store nor resell the written papers. The writer will follow all instructions and ask more questions if necessary to come up with an essay that satisfies you, and if it doesn’t free revisions are available;
  • Say ‘no’ to stress – the university application is accompanied with huge stress as the choice of school heavily determines your future career. Now, you can sit back and get busy with other tasks while a professional writer with years of experience creates the best possible personal statement for you;
  • High-quality writing – mistakes, wordy writing and poor formatting send the wrong signals about your personality and attitude. On the other hand, polished, flawless writing portrays you as a top millennial or Gen-Z student for teachers and the committee;
  • Individual approach to each client – our mission is to serve the unique needs of every client. So, if you need an essay sooner than in 12 hours or would like to discuss any specific requirements, we’d love to talk to you;
  • Show off the perfect English – are you a French, German or Chinese student looking to study in the US or UK? In this case, your English writing skills should be flawless. Our writers are native speakers, so a paper written in an impeccable English will boost your chances for admission.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee

Timeliness is important to get your essay considered. Our agency guarantees that your paper will be written on time, and we let you choose the deadline. We offer timely delivery without compromising the quality even for the urgent orders. If for some reason we fail to deliver your essay on time, we will issue a 100% refund. By ordering the paper with us, you don’t risk anything.

We bet that we know how the writing process makes you feel. You can’t come up with any catchy opener or an intriguing cliffhanger, so you just opt for dull introduction like ‘Since I was a little girl’. You can’t seem to squeeze the good things you did into four thousand characters. And you get so frustrated by the written essay that you want to tear the notebook apart and scream?

You are not a Bertrand Russel or James Baldwin to create a breathtaking essay. Yet, with the help of a professional writer, your personal statement will stand out.

What should a good personal statement include?

How would you normally approach writing a personal statement? You probably would Google for “personal statement examples ucas” to get inspired by the samples written by other students. Having written a list of your strengths and accomplishments, you would pick those that match your chosen higher education course best.

Through the prism of these achievements, you would show the personal qualities that are valued by the top universities: leadership, ability to learn quickly, adaptability and motivation. Like any other motivated student, you would share future plans to persuade the tutors that you have every chance of becoming one of those graduates the university will be proud of.

This is the recipe of a perfect personal statement that gets you accepted. Yet only a few students will compose strong personal statements. In addition to understanding the formula, you need to have advanced writing skills to engage the admissions committee with your writing. Does the writing make your head blow? Our experts are always there to help with this life-changing assignment and skyrocket your odds of getting in at the Flash’s speed.

What makes us more than just another writing service?

  • Papers checked by a Master’s or PhD editor. To ensure the highest academic standards of writing, each written paper is checked by our staff editor. This feature is free of charge. You will get a superior quality of writing at a fee that every student can afford;
  • Chat with your writer in real time. We encourage the communication between you and the writer to make sure that the writing process goes smooth. The writer will ask you questions to better understand your personality and goals and eventually come up with a paper that sounds like you;
  • Bonuses and sales. Our new clients enjoy a whopping 20% discount. For the regular clients, we offer loyalty program – if you recommend our services to three friends, we will write your paper for free. We give out papers for sale – subscribe to receive promo codes by email.

Plagiarism is a serious issue as well. Some online services sell plagiarized personal statement. Meanwhile, universities detect plagiarism in one click. A plagiarized essay can cost you a grade or a destroyed reputation in college. We provide only original essays and will attach a special report generated by our premium plagiarism software.

Professional personal statement writing

Are you asked to write a personal statement for a professors, C-level management or legal job? Then, you need to write 250 to 500 words to explain what makes you an excellent fit for the position, share your career objectives and tell about relevant experience.

It is often requested for senior management or university positions. Do not confuse it with the career profile which is a few lines at the beginning of your resume.

The career expert will help you craft an effective job application. Your writer will draw the employer’s attention to your professional strengths, show your personality and downplay any career issues. We can also tailor your personal statement for a specific job position to maximally position you like a perfect fit for the organization.

Looking for the best personal statement editing service?

Editing your personal statement is as important as editing a novel or a research article for a journal. To clean up their writing, students use multiple tactics. They rely on online spell-checking tools such as or They read the essay from bottom to top, sentence by sentence, or read their writing aloud. But the truth is, if you’ve written the essay by yourself, it’s best to have a second set of eyes to check it.

A good personal statements editor online will eliminate the occasional errors and writing issues that prevent you from making the right impression. All our editors have a degree in English or Journalism and possess years of academic writing experience. Not only will we fix the minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, but also work on the word choice, the structure and flow so that your writing complies with the university requirements.