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“A View From The Bridge” Essay


“A View From The Bridge” Essay

“A View From The Bridge” essay should begin by introducing the author Arthur Miller and the theme that is based on justice in the legal system. “A View From The Bridge” essay can then go on to give a brief summary of the plot and the dramatic style that is used by Arthur Miller who employs tension and change within characters like Alfieri to set the tone of the play.

The play starts with the entry of the key character Alfieri who puts the audience in the picture by referring to characters like Franky Yale and Al Capone as he briefs the audience or reader on the crucial role that is played by justice and how very often, the only way to resort to justice is by administering justice outside the law. Alferi also informs us that the conflict that is the central focus of the play has spiraled out of control despite the fact that it seems to be contained behind a veneer of respectability.

Once Alfieris analyses the law and order situation in Brooklyn Arthur Miller builds up the dramatic impact of the play as the plot progresses till the end. This happens in stark contrast to the easy conversational style that is used by Alfieri who narrates the story through a number of flashbacks.

A view from the bridge essay topics

There are so many topics that you can choose to write on for your “A View From The Bridge” essay such as:

  • How does Arthur Miller build drama in to the climax at the end of Act 1?
  • Examine the ideas of Manliness, Hostility and Aggression in ‘A View from the Bridge’. How are these ideas connected?

If you choose to write on the second topic then your “A View From The Bridge” essay should start by stating that,” …this essay will examine the ideas of manliness, hostility and aggression in ‘A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller”. Your “A View From The Bridge” essay should go on to point out that the main protagonist in the play -Eddie Carbone, is very much a product of his times because he has set ideas on what it means to be a man. Start by jotting down all the points that denote manliness-(as below)- and then elaborate on these points by quoting actual instances from the play:

  • Protecting your loved ones
  • Being a good provider
  • Keeping your pride and dignity.

Keep these points in mind before writing “A View From The Bridge” essay.