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Abortion Case Study


Abortion Case Study: Prenatal Diagnosis Of A Fetus

The goal of the abortion case study is to make people think about an issue with the presented facts and opinions embedded in the story. This abortion case study will examine whether it is ethically right or wrong to have a prenatal diagnosis of the sex of a child, in order for parents to decide if they want to keep the child or not.

Abortion Case Study: Ethical Issues

There are ethical issues that arise from the possibility of prenatal diagnosis of a fetus. The one obvious ethical issue is whether it is right or wrong to abort a child simply because it is not of the sex that is desired, whether it is ethical or not. This is the issue for parents on whom they have to decide, thinking that the child has no complications and is absolutely healthy.

The parents that are asking for prenatal diagnosis for sex selection are the ones who have the biggest ethical decision to make. It is only their decision whether this unborn fetus will have a chance to be born and to live his life, or it will die even before taking its first breath.

Of course, in this abortion case study the fetus is most affected by this decision because its parents’ decision will determine if it has a chance to live or not. However, another individual that has to make an ethical decision in this case is the physician that is being asked to perform the diagnosis and abortion.

Abortion Case Study: Utilitarian Approach

If to look at this abortion case study from the Utilitarian approach, the morally right decision would be the decision to bring the great happiness to the big amount of people. This happiness is not only measured quantitatively, but also qualitatively. Since the parents want to put the child up to abortion, the mother only have to carry the child the lengths of the pregnancy and than will no longer have to keep this unwanted baby. In this case, for the parents this is the right thing to do from the moral point. As for a physician, the decision that will create the greatest amount of good will be to refuse to do the abortion.

When looking at the morality of this decision, the right decision to be made is to keep the child and give them a chance to experience the wonder of life. Every fetus has a right to have a chance be born and deserve a chance to survive on its own. The amount of happiness that it will experience during the life absolutely outweighs any grief that could be put on the parents for giving it up for the adoption.

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