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Academic Essay


Academic Essay

Even though an academic essay is as a rule- more formal than a literary essay-nevertheless there is room for what you think and feel. Just make sure that your view follows only after you have covered what the prescribed sources have to say on the topic. Also keep in mind that an academic essay should never be written in the first person.

The length

The rule of thumb for writing an academic essay >is that, the longer it gets- (up to 5000 words)-the more discursive it should be. A shorter academic essay can consist of up to 2,000 words. If your professor has specified that your academic paper has to begin with a brief summary-write a ‘literature review’ describing what is to follow.

A longer academic essay may require an introductory page that defines the words and phrases in the title. Keep in mind that what ever you write in an academic essay >must be backed by supporting material in the form of verifiable facts and relevant quotations. Follow this up with proper references according to the specified format. In short your argument has to be supported by evidence based on quality sources

Present thoughts in an organized manner

One of the main purposes of an academic essay is to test your ability at presenting your thoughts in an organized manner- to showcase your intellect.

Types of academic essays

 There are several kinds of academic essays. Read on to find out more about the different kinds of academic essay that your professor can ask you to write on:

  1. A cause and effect academic essay - should establish causally related facts in an emphatic order. The rhetoric employed should keep the audience, purpose and subject in mind to analyze the various possible causes or results after the thesis statement. Your findings should lead to the most logical conclusion.
  2. Descriptive essay - a descriptive essay should incorporate details that are intellectual, physical or emotional in nature to sway the reader. First determine your purpose, then your audience and finally use descriptive language to make a dominant impression. You can choose to describe spatially or chronologically.
  3. A narrative essay - A narrative essay employs transitions, flash-forwards, and flashbacks to lead to a climax. The plot is the focus of a narrative academic essay