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Admission Essay Examples


Admission Essay Examples

We can all remember some BIG moments in our lives-when we feel ecstatic and fulfilled. It would be a wonderful idea to start your admission essay with such admission essay examples and then go on to trace their importance and significance in your life.

Other admission essay examples can center on your goals. Begin with a short anecdote that reveals why you are aiming for a particular goal. If you want to work with the handicapped then perhaps it is due to the fact that your best friend suffered from an accident and became disabled as a result. You can then trace this anecdote to your goal of wanting to work with handicapped people.

Describe and analyze

Notice how the admission essay examples that you read dwell on details that offer a particular insight. It can be pretty boring to read facts that have not been cushioned with interesting detailed descriptions. On the other hand fluff and no facts can leave your admission essay examples sounding superfluous and empty

It is always a good idea to blend a few land mark events with a deep analysis of where they took you and the lasting impact they have made on your thinking or life.

Turn liabilities in to assets

Admission essay examples should always look at the positive side of negative things that have happened to you. The fact that you failed a particular exam may have lead to a change in to a new academic stream that captured your interest and made you shine. Take responsibility for your loosing shots and dwell on what you have learned from them.

Conclude by placing the spotlight back on to your opening sentence and briefly touch on the important points that you would like the admissions committee to remember. Also avoid monotony by varying your tone and sentence structure as this can result in a far more reader-friendly essay.

It is a good idea to use rhetorical questions in your admission essay examples so that it does not suddenly put a break on one idea and allows a transition to a completely new one. Use questions like-“So how did I finally decide to do this course?” to lead in to a new topic and to give some logical flow to your admission essay examples.

Also make sure that you read some really good admissions essay examples that can spark of ideas when you write your own.