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Admission Essay Free Sample


Admission Essay Free Sample

As long as I remember myself, I have always wanted to do something to benefit the lives of others. From a young age, I have been involved in community service to make the life of people in Miami better. In addition, this past summer I was afforded an opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with the dental school from the University of Florida to assist local communities in improving their oral health. This volunteering experience allowed me to serve others as well as helped me appreciate everyday privileges I often take for granted. Assisting local communities in Miami and the Dominican Republic, I realized that my contribution can make a significant difference in their lives. This realization inspired me to continue helping others.

Recalling my experience in the Dominican Republic, we stayed in a mission camp which was full of roaches and tarantulas. I still remember the first shock as I have never seen a tarantula before and the idea of living with these creatures was quite frightening. Although I could not imagine living in such conditions, I knew that tarantulas and lack of elementary things such as hot water were part of everyday life for the local community. It gave me the appreciation of the comfortable life I had in Miami and encouraged me to devote my efforts to easing the life of others.

Participation in the trip to the Dominican Republic enhanced my skills and knowledge in dental field. My function including assistance only: I was to sterilize and clean the used instruments. Honestly speaking, removing caked blood of dental equipment caused aversion, but I managed to overcome it and, thus, was able to contribute to the dental project. With the help of other students, by the end of the trip I pulled three teeth and assisted in sewing sutures. Working with local communities, I was deeply impressed with the deprivations they faced in their daily lives. My small contribution to making their lives at least a little bit better was the greatest reward for me.

Not only did I make the impact on these people’s lives, but they inspired me to become another person. Even though the people of Dominican community were less fortunate than most people I know, they were happier. Through their sincere reactions to the acts of generosity we showed them, I learned to value elementary things in my own life. For example, before we left the Dominican Republic, I gave a little boy a pair of used sandals. He was so excited he started dancing and doing the moonwalk! I never would have expected such an ecstatic reaction to something I find so insignificant. This boy’s exuberant gratification was contagious, and I couldn’t help but reflect upon my own fortunes. My volunteering experience taught me to appreciate the benefits of my life as well as confirmed my desire to help others as much as I can.

Upon my return from the Dominican Republic, I have made a decision to build a school for children in that community. I understand that this decision requires a lot of efforts, funds, and time, but I am ready to do everything possible to bring this idea into life. I am currently working on opportunities to help raise money to build a school in the Dominican Republic. Because University of Florida made it possible for me to travel to the Dominican Republic, I hope to continue to be involved in more humanitarian trips as a UF student. I feel being able to encourage other students to assist in organization of similar trips. Although I know it will be an arduous task, I am ready to inspire others to join my quest to provide a chance for a better life for less fortunate communities. Hopefully, I will be able to return to the Dominican Republic as a UF student and make more changes in the lives of local community, especially children.