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Alcohol Essay


An alcohol essay should give the biological angle on alcoholism –namely that it is a disease. Alcoholism also has social as well as psychological aspects due to which it is one of the major problems of modern society. Alcohol addiction ruins homes, careers and lives.

The usual criticism of an alcoholic is their supposed loss of control-but the real truth according to societies like alcoholic anonymous is that there is a different equation between an alcoholic and alcohol and this is different to the equation alcohol has with a normal drinker.

Lethal dose

Once an alcoholic sips alcohol it is bound to be followed by endless more sips because just as a diabetic has a harmful relationship with sugar, an alcoholic has a harmful relationship with alcohol.

An alcohol essay can go on to elaborate that while it is OK for a normal person to have a limited intake (a glass or two of alcohol) - it is not OK for an alcoholic to have even a sip because of two main reasons-

  1. Even a small sip triggers of the urge to drink uncontrollably till one is in a completely incapacitated state
  2. Or it results in the breakdown of family relations and the social structure we live in. An alcohol essay should elaborate on these points
  3. An alcohol essay should also point out that alcoholism is not a poor or rich man’s disease but rather that it can hit any class or age group
  4. While alcoholics tended to be predominantly male there is a recent trend towards escalated rates of female drinking. An alcohol essay would do well to elaborate on the gender aspect of alcoholism-as well as the fact that drinking is woven in to the very fabric of some societies in which, you become  a man when you drink like one. Society encourages men to drink because it is considered very macho!
  5. People from any race or culture can be affected by alcoholism though the rates are higher in some societies when compared to others. The festivals of Christmas and New Year encourage drinking yet at the end of the day an alcohol essay can state that alcohol erodes social relations as well as economic affluence.
  6. Did you know that alcohol kills brain cells?
  7. Alcohol can make an alcoholic happy go lucky to the point of recklessness.

These are seven aspects of alcoholism that can be covered by an alcohol essay