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An Essay on Global Warming


An essay on global warming

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Sample essay on global warming

As Mitchell points out, climatic change is a fundamental attribute of climate, which means, in the first place, that climate is not easy to define and, in the second place, that the changes induced by man's activities may initially be very difficult to extract from climate's "autovariation." If we want to isolate undesirable effects at an early stage, we will have to augment our observation of the real climate with information from numerical experiments with the best available models.

However, the general circulation models are, at present, timeconsuming and expensive to run, and, despite the known shortcomings of the one-dimensional models, most available predictions of climate change have been made using the simpler models. These calculations have yielded what is, at least at first sight, a disagreement among climatologists as to whether the climate is going to warm up or cool down. On closer examination, however, this disagreement appears to be the recorded part of a sometimes heated dialogue between experts in a rapidly developing field as they try out a new way of parameterizing some part of the problem (such as the effects of moist convection), or as they parameterize a previously specified quantity (such as snow cover). In the same paper in which he made his often-quoted "prediction" that doubling the atmospheric concentration of CO 2 would lead to an increase of 10°C in surface mean temperature, F. Möller makes an almost never quoted disclaimer to the effect that a 1 percent increase in general cloudiness in the same model would completely mask this effect. Möller was making a first stab at the following synergism: concentration of CO 2 is increased, causing increased greenhousing and increased temperature. Increased temperature leads to increased evaporation from the sea, and thus to higher absolute humidity (assuming fixed relative humidity), and since H2O molecules are even more effective infrared absorbers than CO 2 molecules, the warming trend is reinforced. We can easily see why he wanted to make the disclaimer. The very increase in absolute humidity that reinforced the warming trend through infrared absorption might lead to increased cloudiness (or indeed to increased precipitation and winter snow cover) and thus, through reflection of insolation, to a considerable buffering of the warming trend. This paper is also of interest from another point of view, since it is part of an extended dialogue and was not intended to bear alone the bright spotlight of public interest. In this first step, Möller made the approximation of making the radiation balance at the earth's surface.

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