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Application Essay


Application Essay

An excellent application essay could be one of the most important essays that you ever write. Written correctly an application essay could ensure a rosy future for you. Read on for some useful tips on writing an application essay that you can be proud of.

Your Driving Force

Tell the admissions committee what motivates you to opt for your chosen career course. In what way is the course relevant to your long term goals? This is your Statement of Purpose (SOP) that indicates what kind of a person you are to the admissions committee.

The golden rule to follow while writing your SOP in an application essay is to be completely sincere and truthful about who you are; what you are aiming for in life and why.

Your Track Record

Agood application essay should inform the admissions committee of your past scores in various exams such as SAT and earlier landmark exams, to give an idea of your performance as a student

Your application essay should also inform the admissions committee about past accomplishments in academics such as the winning of a scholarship; or in extra curricular activities like getting an award for a debating competition. Other important accomplishments your application should touch on are- any social contributions that you feel strongly about. I feel very strongly for spastic children since my own brother was a spastic and so have always wanted to help in this area. “

A sentence like this can lead to your chosen career and why you chose it-(touched upon in your opening sentence)

Your Future Dream

Your application essay should also spell out your road map for the future. Which course are you aspiring towards in your higher education-at the masters and PHD level and why? Are you interested in writing a thesis on something? Which area of study draws you most? “I have always been fascinated with the “How” of life and therefore studying to be a scientist fits in to my way of things.”

Also expand on how you hope to contribute to your society in particular and the world in general by following your prescribed course?

Make sure you get to know all the important things about the institute you are applying for. Read the prospectus, surf the net and talk to old students and professors before attempting to write an application essay.

Edit for Flow

Always read an application essay again and again to ensure that the grammar is up to the mark and that each point flows logically without sounding confused and badly organized.

These are some of the important steps for writing a winning application essay.