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Top Application Essay Tips

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Top Application Essay Tips

It becomes more and more difficult to enter any college as the number people applying for a definite number of spaces constantly grows. Writing a good application essay increases your chances for admission, it provides admission officers the information about your personality and character that your test scores simply cannot. So what can you do to make your essay different from the rest? In this paper you will find some useful tips.

  1. Do be different! Can you imagine the work of admission officers? They have to read hundreds of application essays, so they might just look through your essay, if it is not interesting enough. But that is not what you need, right? That is why your aim is to show that you are a very special person. Write personal detail, do not be afraid of using names, dates etc.
  2. Mind your language. A good application essay must not contain slang. What is more, try to avoid using too long and complicated words, especially if their meaning is not quite clear to you. Speak with your own voice! Try not just to tell your story, but to create a picture in the mind your reader. Your essay must be easy to read, that is why try to use transitions to join your thoughts smoothly. Use different structures, not just all short or long sentences. Using active-voice verbs is preferable, as passive voice will make your paper sound needlessly official and complicated.
  3. Keep to the topic. Many students try to depict their autobiographies, but they do not answer the question itself. That is why it is not surprising that they fail. So, whatever you write in your application essay, keep the question in mind, every sentence should be relevant to the topic.
  4. Ask your family and friends to read your application essay. You can get a good piece of advice from the people who know you well. They might tell you which parts of your application essay are not quite clear or need elaboration, may be they will find some mistakes or clichés. Try to get as many opinions as possible.
  5. Revise. There is always some space for improvement! So do not spare your efforts to revise your application essay some times more.

Well, these recommendations will surely help you get started and write an effective and interesting essay.  Just do all you can to show who you are.