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Argumentation essay


Argumentation essay

Argumentation essay should be based on relevant and reliable arguments.  You cannot write a good argumentation essay relying on your personal opinion only.  You should choose an interesting aspect of the topic, conduct a research and gather supporting information.  Argumentation essay should be fully referenced.  Below is an excellent example of argumentation essay.  Read it carefully, pay attention to the structure and word choice.

…A labor/Afro-American alliance is not a new concept, but it has a new urgency today. The state-monopoly conspiracy and problems arising from automation are pressing hard against all working men and women. Corresponding relationships and alliances must be molded to meet these realities. These must be based on a new political consciousness. To the indignation of the press and certain elements among our fellow citizens, Black leaders have been calling for a buildup of political power, based in localities where Black voters constitute a majority or at least a sizable bloc. People (some erstwhile liberal or labor supporters of the freedom movement who never had difficulty accommodating to the ancient practice of white domination and exclusiveness) profess shock and alarm when Black leaders assert that the time has come to secure majority rule in the counties, cities, towns, congressional, senatorial and state assembly districts where Blacks are the majority. Why is majority rule democratic only when the majority is white?

Speaking directly to those white Americans who are raising the "specter" of Black political power in the most alarmist manner, we say that Black people must be allowed to secure full particiaption in government and com munity bodies, reflecting a just and equal role in public office and leadership. A further word about integration may be in order: Formal integration does not necessarily mean equality. It can, in fact, substitute tokenism for real equality. The new stage of struggle is not so much concerned with the appearance of change as with its substance. For example, the continuing terror in the South shows how constitutionally guaranteed rights may not exist in reality. In the interest of democracy for all, the American people must put pressure on the federal government to enforce the laws. It is quite understandable why some have been compelled to seek protection in self-defense.

T he labor/Afro-American alliance will only be as real as the underlying unity of the working class. Such unity must start with the elimination of all bars to Black membership and leadership in labor unions. The size and importance of other minority groups have grown greatly in the past few decades. There are millions of Chicanos, Puerto Ricans and other Spanish-speaking peoples who suffer the indignities of discrimination, are crowded into the worst slums and given the lowest-paying jobs. Chicanos make up a large part of the most severely exploited section of the working class -- agricultural workers. Large numbers of them work in unorganized industries, live in unspeakable slums, and are, like Black people, the object of police brutality…

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