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Argumentative essay topics:  AIDS/HIV testing, Alcohol Abuse, Animal Experimentation, Anorexia, Cameras in Courtrooms, Capital Punishment, Child Abuse, Civil Rights, Debtor Nations, Diabetes, Dieting, Domestic Violence, Drug Trafficking, Drunk Driving, Energy Alternatives, Environmental Crises, Epidemics, Euthanasia, Family Violence, Famine Relief Efforts, Fathers'/Mothers' Rights In Divorce, Feminism, Illnesses, Food Safety, Foreign Policy, Free Enterprise System, Free Speech Gambling, Gangs, Genetic Engineering, Global Warming, Globalization, Gun Control, Health Care System, Homeland Security, Human Cloning, Human Rights.

Controversial essay topics: Abortion, Affirmative Action, Alcoholism, Animal Rights, Capital Punishment, Child Labor, Children's Rights, Civil Rights, Drugs and Drug Abuse, Drunk Driving, Environmental Protection, Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide, Feminism, Flag Burning, Gangs, Gender Issues, Genetic Engineering, Government vs. Religion, Gun Control, Global Warming, Homosexuality, Human Rights, Immigration, Legalization of Marijuana, Mental Illness, Obesity, Organ & Body Donation, Police Brutality,  Privacy, Racial Profiling, Suicide, Tobacco, Violence, Violence in Schools, World Population.

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Writing an essay is a widespread form of students’ knowledge assessment particularly in the humanities and social sciences. For example, students may be required to interpret the 'message' or themes of a literary text and support their interpretation through reference to the text as well as to literary critics. In history, on the other hand, students are frequently expected to evaluate the plausibility of an interpretation of past events and to refer to documentary sources as evidence for their argument. Despite these differences, essays typically require a form of argumentation - the student is expected to put forward an overall argument or point of view and then 'prove' the argument with supporting reliable evidence.

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