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Bullying Essay


Bullying Essay

A bullying essay should point out that some of the finest educational institutions in the world have to deal with the problem of bullying on a war footing. Bullying can have a devastating effect on its victims who are usually children from junior classes that have been bullied by seniors.

A bullying essay should first define bullying as actions that are carried out by a single or a number of students to cause psychological or physical harm to another-(often physically weaker person)-in order to threaten the victim/ victims or to belittle them.

Types of bullying

A bullying essay should differentiate between:

  1. Direct bullying # this can take the form of extortion, giving threats, eve teasing, or physical violence-it is mostly used by males
  2. Indirect bullying # can take the form of rumor mongering or the deliberate isolation of others from partaking in group life. Girls are most likely to use this form of bullying.

A bullying essay can elaborate on the fact that bullying in schools and colleges can take various forms such as:

    • Forcing younger students to do chores such as polishing shoes or doing  homework for others
    • The extraction of pocket-money
    • The expression of sadistic tendencies such as burning of younger students with cigarette stubs and other harmful objects
    • Ragging-this refers to the habit of forcing ‘freshers’ in colleges to do all kinds of embarrassing and often down-right humiliating things-to supposedly break the ice. Unfortunately this often ends up breaking the student many of whom end up committing suicide.
    • Bullying also relies on using threats to keep victims from complaining to the authorities. In other words bullying relies on the spread of fear in order to dominate and belittle others

Psychology of bullying

Bullies are usually individuals who lack self esteem and try to overcome this deficit by taking away the self esteem of others. Bullying can have a very negative impact on the ethos of the school as well as upon the victims who end up unable to study and seriously suffer from a lack of self esteem or depression as a result.

A bullying essay can conclude by stating that any overt or covert form of victimization can be classified as bullying and that both the law as well as the administration needs to be vigilant in dealing with this menace.