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Business Essays


Business Essays

Writing a winning business essay need not be as difficult as you think. Whether you are writing for:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Start your business essay by short listing the skills that business schools are looking for like the ability for team-work, leadership qualities, analytical and interpersonal skills, the ability to take up a challenge, communication and management skills, creativity, motivation and sound work ethics. Write your business essays around the qualities you own and elaborate on these qualities by narrating some incidents from real life in which you shone out. The tone of your business essays should be confident and convincing. You can do this by playing up your good points and playing down your weak ones. Other qualities to highlight are risk taking ability, intellectual capacity, career focus, a secular outlook and self-discipline. The finest business schools are on the lookout for outstanding candidates that have more then one of these qualities and have displayed these at home or in school.

Weave traits into story

Use your winning traits to answer the essay topics of different business schools by projecting them through stories and try to highlight more then a single trait in a story.
Follow guidelines below for a business essay that is full of insight. Make sure that the content of your business essay is relevant and that you support your claims with credible examples and quotes. Your business essay should also incorporate:

  • A proper layout
  • An appropriate tone and vocabulary
  • Proper presentation

Also remember that breaking up the essay writing process into stages makes it less painful and ensures that you cover the task from all angles. Start your business essay by analyzing the question and asking yourself if you have answered it to the best of your ability. Check and see if the text is presented in a logical order and that it incorporates a high degree of accuracy and relevance.

Ensure that you quote from authoritative sources to support your key points along with logical examples or arguments. Keep the language precise and direct and ensure proper referencing. Always do a spelling and grammar check before handing in your business essay.No matter how daunting the task, remember that once you get started and follow all the guidelines, your business essay will start to shape up in no time.