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Capital Punishment Case Study


Capital Punishment Case Study: Is It A Deterrent To Crime?

A capital punishment case study is a very controversial question. Should Christians support the death penalty? Is capital punishment a deterrent to crime?

Due to a Christian believe the attitude to a capital punishment should be based upon what the Bible teaches not on a pragmatic assessment of whether or not capital punishment deters crime. However, we should try to assess the effectiveness of the capital punishment. Its opponents argue that it is not a deterrent, as in some states the crime rate goes up even if the capital punishment is allowed. Should we cone to a conclusion that capital punishment is not a deterrent?

In the process of a capital punishment case study we should understand that crime rates were increasing for some time in the United States as the country was on its way of becoming violent society and some social and moral fabric were broken down. So the increase in the crime rate is most likely due to many other factors and cannot be correlated with a death penalty even if it was implemented sparingly and sporadically.

Also, according to our capital punishment case study there is an evidence of capital punishment being a deterrent. And even if we are not absolutely sure of its deterrent effect, the death penalty should be implemented because it will definitely help to save lives. However, if it is not a deterrent then we still will have followed biblical injunctions and convicted murderers will be put to death.

Certainly, capital punishment will not deter all crimes. Deranged and psychotic killers, members of organized crime, street gangs will no doubt kill, does not meter if capital punishment is implemented or not. A person who is irrational or wants to commit a murder will do it anyway. But social statistics as well as logic suggest that rational people will be definitely deterred from murder, as the capital punishment is a part of the criminal code.

In fact, most of the philosophical and social arguments that are against capital punishment are not an arguments against it at all. These arguments are really arguments for improving the criminal justice system. Therefore, while these are important social and political issues to consider, they are not enough in the case of cancellation of the death penalty.

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