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Child Labor Essay


Child Labor Essay

In order to write an ‘A’ grade child labor essay it is always a good idea to begin your  child labor essay with a definition of what child labor is and then follow it up with some vital statistics on child labor, some of its causes as well as possible solutions.

The Webster's Dictionary has defined child labor as being inclusive of both:

  1. Physical work
  2. Mental work

That is forced upon 5 to 15 year olds. This exhausting and demanding work takes a heavy mental, physical as well as emotional toll and stunts the growth of children who work before they are ready to. A child labor essay should point out that children at that age should ideally be involved in their education as well as vocational training rather than entering the world of work before they are physically or mentally mature enough for it.

Child Labor Essay: What statistics show

Your child labor essay can highlight the fact that:

  • A stupendous 11.2% of the world’s children from the ages of ten to fourteen are working
  • As many as seventy-three million of the world’s children from the age of 10 to 14 years are working illegally.

Most of these working children live in third world countries where they are exploited. Since there is a direct correlation between poverty and child labor-your child labor essay can go on to explore the link between the cause of poverty and the effect of child labor.

Child Labor Essay and Poverty

What many social workers who hope to stem the population explosion in third world countries fail to realize is- that poorer countries see children is not as extra mouths to feed but as more hands to earn a living.

It is a sad fact but true that many impoverished parents sell their children to some form of labor or even in to brothels. Your child labor essay can refer to Newspapers and magazines to locate some interesting human interest stories of child labor from the real world- but remember to always give an accurate reference of your source.

Your child labor essay can also take a look at the history of child labor in Victorian England where children were made to work in appalling conditions for industries or as chimney sweeps. (Chimney sweeps had to jump down the mouth of chimneys so that they could clean them of soot as they fell.)

Your child labor essay can end with some solutions to child labor-like the eradication of poverty and more stringent measures against perpetrators and exploiters of child labor.