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Climate Change Essay


Climate Change Essay

Al Gore’s famous documentary, ‘An inconvenient truth’ is an eye opening treatise on climate change that a climate change essay would do well to focus on. An Inconvenient Truth is an eye opening account of Al Gore’s long and hard struggle to make the powers that be see the very real threat of climate change and global warming-(that was being ignored by politicians and industrialists alike because they did not want to stop becoming richer and more powerful)- by stemming the escalation of climate change.

A climate change essay can elaborate on the fact that this generation had always looked on climate change as something that would happen perhaps a hundred years from now (and so would not really affect us.) But the stark reality of climate change today is in the present and immediate future-perhaps even 20 years down the line- and this makes Al Gore drive home the point that his own children will not be inheriting the same biological legacy as he did.

Devastating effects of climate change

A climate change essay can go on to give various examples of the effect of global warming over the last few years when we have seen a devastating increase in the number of:

  • Tornadoes
  • Forest fires
  • Droughts
  • Temperature increase in Europe
  • Melting of ice in the North pole and a rise in sea levels

Climate change is one of the most serious economic and environmental, social and economic threats facing our world. To counter this threat bodies like the European Union are working on a global agreement to contain climate change on a war footing.

A climate change essay should highlight the fact that global warming has resulted in:

  • The Earth's temperature increasing by 0.76° C as compared to 1850
  • The melting of huge bodies of ice that are threatening the survival of the polar bear
  • This has accelerated over the last 50 years due to use of fossil fuels and deforestation.
  • As a result-carbon dioxide emissions-(mainly responsible for climate change)-have significantly increased.

A climate change essay should inform the reader that the average world temperature can possibly go up by 1.8-4.0°C if action is not taken to contain this very real danger. If this rise in temperature increases further- it could result in further catastrophic changes within our planet.

A climate change essay can end by urging for all nations to work together to stem climate change.