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College admission essays


Sample admission essays

Avoid essay topics that might offend or slight. Topics such as sex, religion, abortion, mercy killing, your first fight, your last fight, the day you stole something, etc. Put a new spin on time worn topics such as “My summer vacation” or themes such as, “Why I want to go to college.” A routine handling of one of these topics might put a reader to sleep. Remember, no matter what the college gives you as a topic, you must be clever enough to put yourself into the college admission essay. For instance, Dartmouth asks, “What prominent person (past or present) do you particularly admire? Why?” Don't just write an essay about that person as if you were a biographer. Be original. Incorporate your thoughts, ideas, and plans into your answer. Wellesley asks, “We are creating a time capsule to launch into space and would like you to contribute five items; what would you contribute and why?” Maybe you can include your diary. You have to touch the reader, make him or her sympathetic to you, make sure that person realizes that you're special and personable and a resource. Always sell yourself! Put some jazz into your essay writing. Remember, admission officers have to read dozens of college application essays a day and sometimes are bored to death; make their jobs interesting, and they will reward you. Make sure your use of language and word choices show thought and creativity.

College admission essays

The final stage of college entrance essays writing is editing and it is one of the most important steps.  As you're rewriting your essay, focus on making your essays as simple and as clear as possible. Every point you make should emphasize your special qualities. The first paragraph in particular should be simple and ring out with your particular qualities, pulling the reader into your story. Make sure you've used clear, basic language, and eliminate any attempts to be fancy or impressive with overstuffed words or concepts. You should write an essay from the heart.

Beyond the first paragraph, make sure you've included specific details in the English admission essay. One customer we worked with didn't just say that she played in a band in junior high school; she wrote that her favorite tune was Mozart's Seventh and explained why. That's the sort of detail that will catch the attention of the essay reader. Be aware of portions of the essay where the power dips or the clarity fades. Keep working at it until the essay has wings to carry your application to a higher level.