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College admissions essay


Writing college admission essay

Here are some tips to help you write college admission essays:

  1. Never write the college admissions essay in one day. The best essays take at least three days to be conceived, written, and polished.
  2. Revise and revise again. Never think that you can get away with a first draft. And don't settle for a second draft either. Take as long as it takes to revise your essay until it is simply perfect
  3. Read your essay aloud. Choose a friend or a family member you feel comfortable with and read your essay to that person. Then have him or her read the essay to you. How does it sound? How are the rhythms, the language, and the grammar?
  4. Get input. Another successful method we've found is to have a family-and-friends roundtable discussion of your essay. You read the essay one sentence or one paragraph at a time. Ask your roundtable for their feedback. The more discussion, the more tips you'll get for creating an essay with maximum impact.
  5. Avoid opening-sentence posturing. We find that most students open their essays trying to sound “intellectual” by emptying their thesaurus of big words. Don't do it. The key is to be engaging and clear with your writing.
  6. If you can, open with a “hook”, an opening sentence that grabs the reader's attention. And once you've got that attention, hold on to it. Remember, you have a story to tell. What is a good hook? Here are some examples from essays we've reviewed:

My first day at Jackson High, someone called me “Doogie Howser.”

I could recite the names even after I woke up: Galileo, Albert Einstein, Charles Drew, and me.

When I graduated from junior high school, no one could see that my shoes had no soles.

  1. Demonstrate that you can write on a college level. Show that you understand sentence structure, can write with pure English, able to handle a topic, and know the differences among words such as “their, “there,” and “they're.”

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