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If your academic profile (GPA, test scores, etc.) is peaches and cream, you can catapult yourself to the top of the line with those one or two pages of added revelation. Some testperts say that the SAT and the ACT don't measure creativity, motivation, or special talents, so you better take this chance to tell your story in the process of writing college entrance essays. If you're already a super student, and you finesse this right, the Harvards of the world might just send a limo for you!

On the other hand, if there are substantial chinks in your armor, you can actually create a shift in the admissions team's perception with a strong college admissions essay. Perhaps you can explain a mediocre grade (or grades), a course retake, the reason for this or that course selection writing an essay maybe you had asthma, a death in the family, or a crisis that, without your essay, no one would have a clue about.

Your patchwork of words in the admission essay can impress, maybe even bring tears to someone's eyes. While essay writing here might not completely override a mediocre or a questionable record, it can sometimes help you jump that thin line that distinguishes accepts from rejects.

Custom Application Essays

What should your college admission essays accomplish?

Well, you should have convinced the admissions folks to answer yes to each of these questions after reading your essays:

  • Do we have a feel for you as an individual?
  • Does the college need you?
  • Can you do the work?
  • Is your essay more revealing, creative, and impressive than those of the competition?
  • Do you deserve a second chance if your high school performance was weak?
  • Can you reasonably be expected to overcome any negatives that might be visible in your record?
  • Will you add to the diversity and richness of the campus?
  • Will you make a positive contribution to the school?

The answer should be no to each of these questions:

  • Will you likely fail out?
  • Will you just be there, not contributing to campus life?
  • Was the essay just average or ordinary?
  • Were there grammatical mistakes or misspellings?
  • Can the college afford not to have you?

Well, are you ready to meet all these requirements writing admission essays? If not, rely on the professional custom essays help provided by! Numerous clients have already used our professional custom essay services. What about you?