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College Entrance Essay


College Entrance Essay

Writing a really good college entrance essay is all about showing yourself in a positive light. Your application should reveal interesting facts about yourself such as-

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is you biggest dream?
  • What are your past experiences that are relevant to the course?

A good college entrance essay is your opportunity to sell your capabilities and make you look like the most desirable choice for that particular institute 

Weave in relevant facts

  • Example 1:“During my early years in school I proved myself to be an excellent sportsperson with the ability to inspire my team and lead it to victory.”
  • Example 2: “As I matured I simultaneously developed a firm sense of responsibility. I realized that my success was largely in my own hands.”

Keep it short and simple

Don’t swamp the admission officer with a college entrance essay that is too wordy and obscure. Say what you have to say simply and clearly and the admission officer will thank you for it by looking at YOUR college admission essay in a more positive light.  

What you should strictly avoid is writing down ALL your achievements in your college admission essay. This will make your essay a boring chore for the concerned officer. Apart from length you also need to add a touch of humor-(no hamming please.) You can’t say it all, so don’t even try. Pick and choose amongst the most relevant points- starting with the most important one. Your application will include places in which you can inform the admission officer about your other talents and multi-dimensional personality so save these facts for later.

Make it interesting

Use this opportunity to display your wit as well as humor-but do not try to replace substance with these. Try and make the admission officer smile rather than frown and he will be in a better mood to listen to your claims. 

Character counts

The admission officer will be keen to know what kind of character you have. This is why a college entrance essay should spell out your qualities as well as extra-curricular activities. Remember that the same person will be reading through thousands of aspiring applicants like yours so make it interesting to read.  

Follow these simple suggestions and you are sure to end up with a college admission essay that you can be proud of.