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College Entrance Essay Critical Points


College Entrance Essay Critical Points

College entrance essay is one of the most important factors influencing either your admission to the college or your rejection. That is why you should attempt to make your college entrance essay excellent, and the guidelines given in this article will help you do it.

In order to make a good content for your college entrance essay, you need to know what information to include into your paper. That is why 5 college entrance essay critical points are certainly something you may be interested in. So, here they are:

College entrance essay: Point 1. The evaluation of a significant experience, achievement, or dilemma you have faced and its impact on you

Remember, there is a great difference between the evaluation and off-putting ‘look how great I am”. When discussing the influence on you, you have to show the depth of your critical thinking. It is important to make use of introspection and self-analysis.

College entrance essay: Point 2. The discussion of personal, local, and international concern and its importance to you

Be extremely careful when discussing ‘its importance to you’. You may easily deviate from the topic and start talking for instance, about global warming, abortion, or capital punishment. The admission committee wants to understand your character, abilities, passion, etc., which means they need more than a political lecture.

College entrance essay: Point 3. Talk about the person who has made a significant influence on you

Someone might understand this point as if he/she has to describe the positive influence that someone has made on them. Such college entrance essay will certainly be failing. You need to dig deep and ‘analyze’ in you want your essay to be perfect.

College entrance essay: Point 4. The description of the historical figure or a character from a fiction that you admire

Whom would you like to look like most of all? Analyze this character in your college entrance essay. Explain what from your point of view makes this character so powerful and influential. Explain how this figure influenced your character and why.

College entrance essay: Point 5. Talk about your range of academic interests and personal perspectives

The admission committee wants every student they accept to contribute much to the richness of the campus community. So, think how would you contribute to the college community? What skills and experiences might help you do it?

Take into consideration the college entrance essay critical points presented above and you are sure to make a really outstanding essay.