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Writing college admission essays remember the quote we often hear “the graduates are expected to become leaders”. So, do not imply or infer that you are just another Joe or Jane intent on an invite. When you start to shape your application, make it matter. If you are holding an ace, you want to play it. You had better, because the competition is not going to fade. You have to make another gigantic effort for entering your college. After all, if it is a leaders’ pool, that’s where you want to be. Here are two college entrance essays questions: 1. Write an essay about an activity or interest that has been particularly meaningful to you. One page.
2. Write about something that we might not learn [about you] from the rest of your application. One page.


College application essays

Creating college application essays you should not reduce the importance of the rewriting. No matter how good your first draft was, you've got to take another look. Think good, better, the best. Perhaps where there is a whisper, you really wanted a shout. Sometimes the shift of a single phrase can make the difference between the sixty-second read most students will get and a five-minute read. If you're really going for it, take the time it takes to polish and finish the essay writing. Other students will see the essay as an opportunity to show and tell—make sure you don't fall asleep on your opportunity to tell your story.

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