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College Entry Essays


College Entry Essays: Tips For Writing College Entry Essay

College entry essays represent students to the admission committee. Their aim is to help students to enter an institute of higher education, therefore students should show their best to impress the committee and stand out against the background of thousand essays.

Here are the main features of writing college entry essays:

  • The ordinary amount of college entry essays is 250 words or even less. It is rather difficult situation to say everything you want about yourself within the bounds of this essay.
  • It tells the admission committee about you. You should advantage yourself by explaining why you differ from other candidates. Describe your achievements and goals, half-open the truth why you want to enter this very institution. Whatever topic you choose, you should be in the centre of attention.
  • Details, which you may represent in your essay, may influence on the opinion a lot. You may write about one project or one experience, though to do it in a perfect way of showing yourself in detail.
  • While writing, you should not only tell readers about your experience, but state why this experience was a life lesson for you. You may give a good story, including analysis of your actions and results.
  • College entry essays do not bear imaginary features. You may write about everything, taking into account that everything should be real. It is because memories and vivid statements are the important details for your essay. The admission committee will recognize the lie. Students prepare too much information for a lie, they tell truth sincerely.
  • Show your opinion on the subject of your writing. In addition, you may include your thinking on social, political, religion life, however, do not take only one position in such questions, analyze situation from several points of view.
  • Repetition of information may adversely affect your grade, because you should move further in your college entry essays, not to move in a spiral.
  • Students should give proper attention to their college entry essays, because the time spent on writing and preparation is in direct proportion to your grade. If you divide your time on several parts, including preparation (gathering and collecting information, analyzing of data and topic choosing etc.), outline making, draft writing, revision and editing; and pay special attention to these stages during day or more - you will have more chances to get a good grade than a person, who has spent only two hours or one night for essay writing.

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