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College essays

Most of college essay topics are argumentative. In relation to text structure, argument essays are often organized in one of three possible ways. Essay writer may initiate an argument essay by stating a position and then put forward several arguments and evidence which generally supports the position. Counter-arguments and essay evidence need to be acknowledged so that the paper writer does not appear overly simplistic or polemical. The essay writer reinforces the position in the final stage.

The starting point of a discussion, on the other hand, is a controversial issue. The writer explores the issue from the two or more perspectives prior to reaching a position in the concluding section. The starting point of college essay writing challenge is to state the position which will be argued against. Several rebuttal arguments and supporting evidence then follow. Finally, the writer puts forward the overall argument or position.

Although some disciplines may favor one argumentative structure over another, the three structures - exposition, discussion or challenge - commonly occur across the humanities and the social sciences. They may also occur within the applied disciplines, particularly in areas such as education and business studies. It is more in relation to forms of evidence and register that disciplinary variation emerges. If the argument essay is a text type that you are required to produce, it may be interesting to consider whether they tend to produce expositions, discussions or challenges and whether you respond more favorably to one type rather than another. Such a structure is not unique in any discipline. Nevertheless, despite the commonality of argument structure, the basis on which the student persuades the reader of the validity of the argument is the evidence.

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