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Community service essay


Community service essay

We are all born in to a group and our lives are a network of social relations. Co-existence and conflict are the two basic social processes a community goes through during its interaction and a community service essay should focus on increasing co-existence and social health; by focusing on processes that ensure the mental, physical and spiritual well being of the entire community. In short you can focus on any aspect of service to the community in your community service essay:

Volunteering for community service and writing about it is an important academic writing activity. This can indicate that you are a caring person who donates their time for worthy causes and shows your sense of collective responsibility- to the needier sections of the community in which you live.

You could write a community service essay that informs the reader about an educational program that is geared to uplift the educationally deprived sections of a population. You may have volunteered to teach slum children or you may have taken up adult education in the evenings to help working adults to fill in the missing gaps in their knowledge.

Another vital aspect your community service essay can touch on is aspects of health care as well as counseling.

“After finishing high school I had a few months in which I was free and so decided to join a community service program as a volunteer. There was a list of volunteer activities I could choose from, including from helping out in soup kitchens to spreading AIDS awareness. One thing I learned was that helping others is a sure way to develop my own personality and to grow. Till then I had spent my life catering to my own needs or working on summer jobs for a salary. This was the first time that I had volunteered to work free of cost and I must say it put me in a very different space within myself.”

Your community service essay can touch on other aspects of your development that has had a direct an indirect affect on you. Community service can help you to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. This could be due to your exposure to new people and experiences that bring out the best in you. You may not have received a weekly pay packet for your work but a grateful smile can be a much more fulfilling reward

These are some of the aspects that your community service essay can touch on.