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Conflict Resolution Essay


Conflict Resolution Essay: Identifying A Conflict

What is Conflict? Conflict is a natural and very typical phenomenon in every type of human relationships, at every level: From personal to global. That is why conflict resolution essays are so popular among the students.

Conflict Resolution Essay: Problem-Solving Sequence

  • Define and analyze the problem. Often times, when one is in a conflict situation or in a position of having to deal with a problem, the sides involved are effected by the problem. These emotions or this stress can lead them to have different views or perceptions of the problem.
  • Establish criteria for evaluating solutions. The solution can be either a practical one, which affects material gains or loses, or one based on value, that would fallow the goal, which reflects image or purpose.
  • Identify possible solutions in your conflict resolution essay. This is where the sides can state as many solutions, as they can think of. It is important to keep in mind, however, that these solutions must correspond with the criteria mentioned above.
  • Evaluate solutions. This is where all the solution proposes are critically analyzed. At this point, the proposed solutions can be adjusted or added to. This is also, where the ideas are made clearer and where it is possible to expand upon them.
  • The selecting the best solution can be accomplished in several ways.
  • Test selected solutions. After a solution has been identified and selected, a test should be made to ensure its effectiveness. This can be done through polling, analyzing, and other methods of collecting data.

Conflict Resolution Essay: Ways To Select The Solution

  • First way: to have the decision made by authority. The leader would make the final decision since he has more importance and experience.
  • Second way: the decision can be reached through the process of “majority rules”. This process should be performed by a small group, not by two individuals.
  • Third way: the consensus method, where the unanimous decision should be reached, therefore all sides must be in agreement.

Conflict Resolution Essay: Writing Help

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