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Custom admission essay


Custom admission essay

You cannot avoid writing admission essay.  Moreover, it is one of the most responsible steps you will take. Let’s analyze what admission committee wants to find in your admission essay of  the super student:            

  • an academic average in the B+/A range
  • full slate of college preparatory courses, including lab sciences: chemistry, biology, and physics, and two or more years of foreign-language study
  • good course selection (the depth and scope of your curriculum)
  • a strong interview (if a school recommends interviews, and you have the gift of gab and personality, ask for one; if it's a strain—perhaps you're shy, or not the talkative type – pass)
  • the ballpark SAT scores. There's a wide range here, depending on your portfolio's overall impact. We've seen scores from 1100 to well over 1200 do the job.
  • strong letters of recommendation

If you meet the above criteria, you are in a perfect position.  However, the truth is that there are not so many students who can boast of such impressive achievements.  Admission essay writing gives you an additional change.  Should college admission essay be the last item in your list or may be first? Did you try to write it? Do you think it is really winning and attractive? College admission essay writing is a stumbling block for most students.  As a result, many of students turn to professional essays assistance?

Custom college essays

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