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“…The ethno-nationalist insurrections that followed the Second World War had a lasting influence on subsequent terrorist campaigns. Although governments throughout history and all over the world always claim that terrorism is ineffective as an instrument of political change, the examples of Israel, Cyprus and Algeria, and of Begin, Makarios and Ahmed Ben Bella (the FLN's leader, who became Algeria's first president), provide convincing evidence to the contrary. Admittedly the establishment of these independent countries was both confined to a distinct period of time and the product, in some cases, of powerful forces other than terrorism. At the same time, however, it is indisputable that, at the very least, the tactical 'successes' and political victories won through violence by groups like the Irgun, EOKA and the FLN clearly demonstrated that -- notwithstanding the repeated denials of the governments they confronted – terrorism does 'work'. Even if this 'success' did not always manifest itself in terms of the actual acquisition of power in government, the respectability accorded to terrorist organizations hitherto branded as 'criminals' in fora like the United Nations and their success in attracting attention to themselves and their causes, in publicizing grievances that might otherwise have gone overlooked and perhaps even in compelling governments to address issues that, if not for the terrorists' violence, would have largely been ignored, cannot be disregarded…”