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Custom essay sample


Custom essay sample

College essay on the topic “Media and Television Violence”.  Below is college essay sample on this topic.  You may use this college essay sample as a starting point for your own writing.  In addition, you may place an order at for custom student essays writing and we will write custom essay for you on any topic! 

…Violent and other antisocial behaviors involving children and adolescents are being blamed on the media. In the United States, controversy over the influence of the media on children remains intense. Yet more violent acts are depicted on television, sales of video games depicting death and destruction are skyrocketing, and many rock videos show violence as a viable means of conflict resolution. Efforts to limit the acts of violence shown in the media are met with the industry's considerable financial resources to resist responsible programming. Although media violence is not the leading cause of real-life violence, it is a significant cause, and one that is easily remediable. The major components of the media affecting children – television (videos, movies), print (comic books, magazines, and newspapers), and radio – continue to have powerful negative effects on American children.

Television has a dominant role. American children view two hundred thousand violent acts on television by the age of eighteen. While parents have a central role in influencing the lives of their children, television has a powerful effect on the development of unhealthy activities, negative attitudes, and antisocial behaviors. American children and adolescents spend twenty-three to twenty-eight hours per week viewing television. This three to four hours per day displaces healthy activities, including exercise, play, reading, and homework. By high school graduation, twelve thousand hours will have been spent in formal classroom instruction, yet fifteen thousand hours will have been spent in front of the television.”

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