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Argumentative essay sample on the topic “What Future for Poverty?”  You are welcome to use this custom essay writing sample for your own purposes.  If you seek professional custom essay writing help, you are welcome to place an order at

“The widespread and deeply-rooted attitudes toward work, welfare, poverty and the poor that have been discussed above have become a dynamic, synergic, tangled web that is deeply entrenched in society, and is sustained by its more powerful members. These attitudes have become a structure that has hardened in place. It reverberates through, determines, and supports the current socioeconomic ethos, which is becoming a seamless global web, increasingly moving towards a dog-eat-dog, unrestrained, laissez faire capitalism, in which the poor are ignored, rejected, patronized, blamed and hated. Motives and actions that do not exist are imputed to the poor, the fears and guilt of others are projected onto them, and they are punished and scapegoated in various ways, not the least of which is exploitation for the gain of others. Many societal institutions are being bifurcated, with one for the well-to-do and another for the poor. None of the overarching so-called remedies for poverty attempted to date has managed to reduce poverty substantially and local programs succeed only on a very small scale in specific localities for a limited amount of time.

The role for which governments were created, such as securing and enlarging citizens' rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—as enjoined in the American Declaration of Independence—is being constantly eroded under the guise of deregulation, neo-liberalism, free-markets, privatization and globalization. Multinational corporations are overriding governments in establishing their own operating procedures, trade agreements and cartels, including sanctioned corruption, undisclosed illegal practices, and environmental degradation. International financial institutions are demanding as a prerequisite for help—particularly from newly-emerging, underdeveloped, transition countries—the adoption of policies that impinge directly and ruthlessly on their poor. Profit-driven entities are driving out humane, altruistic, people-oriented organizations. “

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