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…Why start our study of species as adapted reproductive communities by looking at their genetic resources and, in particular, at the variation in those resources? The first and obvious answer is that an understanding of genetic resources is essential to an understanding of biological potentialities. And since potentialities set the limits to capabilities, we can thus see what a species is capable of doing as an adapted reproductive community. To really understand genetic resources would require that we identify and characterize the thousands of genes present in the genome of a species. But such an insight into the heredity of a given species is not possible today, although it remains an ideal to be pursued.

Another, less ambitious reason for studying the genetic variation of a species is to settle once and for all how we see a species, in genetic terms. One view, now called the classical theory of population structure, is that members of a population are characterized by certain highly adapted genes. That is, at each locus the wild-type allele is the predominant one. Other, less well-adapted alleles occur, but at very low frequencies. In contrast to this view there is the balance theory of population structure…

Custom research paper

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