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Discrimination essay


Discrimination essay

Discrimination is a very interesting topic to research.  However, you should not neglect the importance of secondary and primary research. It would be great to include several examples from your own life.  In addition, discrimination essay should have a narrow topic.  For example, you may write about the discrimination at workplace.  Below is a free sample discrimination essay:

No obvious distinctions come to mind by which voluntary busing plans can be distinguished from other "benign" discrimination. First, although the contrary claim is voiced all too frequently, it is incorrect to say that no one is hurt by busing. Children can be hurt by busing, not simply by the inconvenience of the transportation process itself, but also by the transition from a school environment in which they have grown secure to strange surroundings in which they are likely to find themselves in a racial minority for the first time. Second, the argument that busing hurts neither race more than the other-which may or may not be true, depending on the particular plan--is foreclosed, and rightly so, by cases like McLaughlin v. Florida and Loving v. Virginia. The fact remains that busing hurts people precisely because of their color. Third, it might be contended that, busing or no busing, every child will go to some school, whereas a preferential-admissions program for a given law school will mean, after its effects have trickled down the entire law-school hierarchy, that someone will be completely denied the opportunity to go to law school because he is white. But even assuming this is so, it points to a difference in degree that probably should not go to the constitutional point. Places in desirable public schools are also scarce resources: an opportunity to attend some school is not the equivalent of an opportunity to attend the most desirable school in the area.

The problem in relying on precedent here is that the Court has never told us what the constitutional point is. Voluntary busing plans may, for all we know, be approved by the Court for any of four reasons: (1) the state's goal, racial integration, is a "compelling" one; (2) the use of a racial classification serves that goal perfectly and not approximately; (3) such plans are benignly motivated and therefore not "suspect" in the first place; or (4) the Court believes that even the most apparently "de facto" residential segregation has a bit of state action in its family tree, and that since busing has been imposed as a remedy for de jure segregation there would be no point in forbidding school boards to adopt similar methods. Or it may be--and the delayed dodge of DeFunis v. Odegaard strongly suggests this possibility-that the Court simply cannot agree about the significance of its constitutional precedents.

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