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Do My Essay

The basic idea behind a good college education is a voyage of self-discovery development and progress; but unfortunately with so many students requesting professional academic sites to do my essay the very purpose of a college education is defeated. You just need to browse the web to view the huge plethora of academic writng sites that are mushrooming in the UK and the USA.

Do My Essay: Reasons

Contemporary research has examined the reasons for the fact that more and more college students are approaching academic writng sites with the request to do my essay. These reasons include:-

  • Trying for better grades
  • Lack of time due to unrealistic expectations from the teacher or illness
  • Lack of English speaking and writng skills-especially amongst overseas students
  • Apathy amongst professors
  • Too much competition

Due to the growing number of students that are requesting others to do my essay –more and more graduates and postgraduates are passing out of universities with a degree that they do not really qualify for.

Since the whole purpose of education is to prepare students to enter the ‘world of work’ getting others to do my essay will only result in a general degeneration of the quality of work amongst professional groups. Once a student’s innate capacities get stunted it will only extend in to poor performance in their careers as well.

Do My Essay: The Solution

We can only solve this growing menace when leading educational institutions take up this problem on a war footing by taking some effective steps against the submission of work hat is not originally conceived of, researched and written by the student. Steps that can be taken to contain this growing problem can be two-fold:-

  1. By putting stringent measures in to place as and when a student is caught submitting an academic paper after asking an academic site to do my essay. These can include measures like the suspension of the student for a term or less.
  2. By motivating students to write their own papers through the setting of more realistic deadlines.
  3. By holding special classes to train overseas students on the skill of writng essays as well as other academic papers for coursework as well as dissertations.

We can only fight the growing menace of getting others to do my essay by inculcating values and a sense of purpose in our students and by using some of the above measures against students that request others to do my essay