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Documented Essay


Documented Essay: Do and Do Not

It is not simple to cope with documented essay, especially, if this is your first time of documented essay write. That is why we have written this very article, which is going to advise you what you have to do while your documented essay writing and what you do not have to do in order to write a successful work. Thus, these are our advices for you in order you could cope with documented essay in a simple and successful way.

Advices On Writing Documented Essay

  • Carefully read the question you have to answer in your documented essay. Do not give responds to the questions, which are not set to you.
  • Define the items, which are necessary to be mentioned in your documented essay in terms of their relevance. Do not use I-statements, as you have to document the pints of view of other people not yours while writing documented essay.
  • Do margins; if for example some of the sources are going either to oppose or to support the thesis you have made in your documented essay. Do not make a summery of the document. All the readers are already acquainted with it. While summarizing, you will just lose your time without getting any score.
  • Make an outline of the major points you are going to mention in your documented essay. Do not make long quotations while writing. If you are interested only in some part of the long sentence, use ellipsis “…,” as, there is no any sense in rewriting pages of unnecessary data.
  • Include your own analysis of the question as well as the analysis you have found in the literature. Do not present your own interpretation of the question until you are acquainted with the subject of your documented essay inside out.
  • Watch the time you to be able to re-read your documented essay and to edit and correct it. Do not pass your documented essay without proofreading.

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