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Entrance Essay


Entrance Essay

While writing an entrance essay it is always a good idea to focus on information that you have not been able to disclose in the covering letter or application form. To do this you need to see the entire application process as an integrated whole.

A repetition of details would be a waste of your own and the admission committee’s time.  Good points to highlight in your entrance essay would be the fact that you are adept at multi-tasking with a well rounded personality. Other things your entrance essay could highlight your varied interests, soft skills and achievements- including sports and community service.

Entrance Essay: Plan a Strategy

What are the unusual things that you have done apart from your academic as well as professional achievements? Did you organize a charity show or direct an amateur society play? Have you volunteered to work with the aged? These are the things that will make the admissions committee sit up and take notice. Are you an excellent musician? Well now is the time to write about it-but always relate you hobbies to your chosen career path in your entrance essay. In short youshould cover any points that are relevant by weaving them skillfully in to the story of your life.

Let your entrance essay be a part of a harmonious whole; so that it adds more of a personal touch to your Resume -along with the application form and covering letter.

Entrance Essay: Select a Theme

You definitely don’t want to bore the admissions officer with a laundry list of facts. You would rather select a theme that acts as a kaleidoscope, through which you can project the kind of person you are- as well as the unusual and unique things that you have done. Do not forget to mention the lessons and skills that you have learned along the way and how these are going to make you an ideal candidate. Suggested themes for your entrance essay can include:

  • Seeing how your life has changed by referring to an old photograph
  • A life changing book you have read
  • A person that has taught you some crucial lessons as well as skills- that have stood you in good stead.

These are some of the things to keep in mind while writing an entrance essay that will stand out from the crowd. All the best!