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Essay on drug addiction


Essay on drug addiction

Drug addition is one of the oldest topics.  Teachers love this topic.  While some teachers simply do not want to give too complicated assignments, others think that this topic will make students think about their own lives.  In other words, writing essay on drug addiction, students are less likely to become drug addictions.  Below is a short sample essay on drug addiction.  You may use any idea from this essay to write your own paper.

…Before considering the particular question of the association of marijuana use with opiate addiction in the United States, several more general points require comment. The absence of Negro addicts from the southern states in the present national sample as well as similar findings from previous studies supports the contention that ethnicity is an important variable with respect to addiction liability.The high addiction rates among Negroes and Puerto Ricans in northern metropolitan areas also support this contention. It appears, however, that drug addiction as a form of deviance (1) affects some ethnic populations more than others (the lack of opiate use among Japanese-Americans, Polish, or Italian immigrants may be contrasted with the prevalence of addiction among the Chinese-Americans and northern Negroes), and (2) depends upon a suitable host environment.This latter factor accounts for the differential prevalence of addiction among Negroes in the United States.In addition to differential liability by eth nicity and host environment, opiate addiction is affected by cultural changes in a given society with the result that the prevalence of addiction with respect to specific populations and geographical designations also changes. Thus, opiate addiction among infants, females, and Chinese-Americans has markedly decreased during the twentieth century in the United States. Conversely, addiction among young male metropolitan members of certain racial or ethnic groups has increased.

The present research findings provide inferential evidence that marijuana smoking has become more common among opiate addicts in recent years. The older age of the 655 addicts without a history of marijuana use (40.3) when contrasted with the 1,558 who had smoked marijuana (29.1) provides substance for such an interpretation. Furthermore, the absence of references to marijuana use among opiate addicts by Terry and Pellens and Pescor's findings in 1937 that only a few Lexington patients had used marijuana before opiates seems significant when contrasted with the dominant pattern of marijuana use followed by opiate abuse reported by Fort, Fine stone Chein, and Ball in more recent years. The available evidence suggests, then, that marijuana smoking has increased among opiate addicts in the United States.

A further general comment concerning the significance of dependence upon specific opiate drugs is relevant. At the time of hospitalization in 1999, 1,486 of the 2,213 patients were diagnosed as heroin users. The other opiates being abused were morphine (by 201 addicts), dilaudid (135), paregoric (131), meperidine (108), codeine (86); the remaining 66 patients were using methadone, percodan, pantopon, opium, cocaine, and numorphan. The association of heroin dependence with a history of marijuana use within each of the two regional high addiction areas has been delineated…

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