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Essay on Drugs


Essay on drugs

The introductory paragraph of an essay on drugs can draw the attention of the reader to the fact that there are four kinds of illegal drugs:

  1. Depressants
  2. Narcotics
  3. Stimulants
  4. Hallucinogens

An essay on drugs can give useful information such as the fact that stimulants are drugs that increase alertness and physical activity in the Central Nervous System.Stimulants include pharmaceuticals such as-

  • Amphetamines
  • Street drugs like speed, cocaine and crack
  • Caffeine found in coffee and tea

Withdrawal syndrome

An essay on drugs can go on to elaborate on the causes and effects of withdrawals in different people for different drugs. Withdrawal from brown sugar for instance is known as cold turkey. This goes beyond psychological dependence to physical dependence due to withdrawal symptoms that are hard to take- like intense back, watery eyes and other discomfort.

Reasons for drug addiction

Studies have shown that 68% of the students use illegal drugs to ward off clinical depression.Hallucinatory drugs put the user in to a trance like state that is an escape from the demands of student life. It is not always easy to fulfill the expectations to excel in studies, be a responsible member of society and to have peaceful family relations. When things turn sour it results in withdrawal and depression that encourages the addict to reach out for drugs.

Growing cut throat competition has also meant that athletes now use performance enhancing drugs-(stimulants)-to improve their performance but end up harming their bodies instead.

History of drugs

The use of performance enhancing drugs has been around since the Inca civilization’s use of coca leaves as a source of extra energy for war and hunting.

Coca leaves contain cocaine. As a result of such stimulant drugs a European cyclist died in 1886. The cause of his death was a ‘speedball' – (a blend of heroin and cocaine).


An essay on drugs can include information on anabolic steroids that improve performance or muscle tone. Steroids have been used in medical practice for years. Athletes began the use of steroids by the mid 1950’s but by 1984 advocates of steroids turned against them. Other performance enhancing drugs include Amphetamines that boost energy levels. Laws were passed against its use in the 1970’s. There are many more drugs being used by athletes and this tendency needs to be curved.

These are some of the points that can be covered by an essay on drugs.