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Essay on smoking


Essay on smoking

Writing an essay on smoking, you may become persuasive, argumentative, descriptive or critical.  Sometimes, the specifics of topic smoking limit the choice of the writing strategy. However, you should always strive to provide only relevant, interesting and recent information.  Remember about the negative consequences of plagiarizing!

Here is an essay sample on workplace smoking:

Legislation that has an impact on the issue of workplace smoking can be best characterized as speculative and evolving on a case-by-case basis at all levels. As controversy grows and more lawsuits are filed each day, the tremendous need for an adequate legal foundation of rights relating to atmospheric cigarette pollution becomes increasingly concrete. A major issue to be addressed concerns the question of whether an employee has enforceable rights in this area. In addition, what are the employer's responsibilities and rights with regard to smoking in the workplace? To answer these questions, an examination of four bodies of law (constitutional, federal, state, and common law) and an evaluation of their applicability to workplace smoking was reviewed. In addition, recent court cases and implications regarding future legislative developments will be reviewed.

The responsibility delineated by an employer is clear regarding the prevention of injury and property damage caused by the combustion potential of a lit cigarette. The employer must ensure that a "No Smoking" sign is placed in clear view near combustible materials. Aside from this safety-related application, no legislation specifically delineated employer responsibility. Broad guidelines are available in the General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA), however. The General Duty Clause provides:
Each employer . . . shall furnish to each of [his/her] employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to [his/her] employees. . . .

This catch-all clause applies to all employment situations, such as workplace smoking, that fall outside of the scope of highly specific OSHA standards and regulations. A recent court case supported the application of the General Duty Clause to workplace smoking issues. The Missouri Court of Appeals ruled that the employer's obligation to provide a reasonably safe work environment (under the General Duty Clause) can be extended to control of tobacco smoke. The particular case involved an employee who was allergic to tobacco smoke and pursued a ban on smoking in specified work areas at Western Electric. Although a lower court dismissed the employee's petition, the appeals court reversed the decision, asserting that the health hazards related to tobacco smoke were included under the employer's duty to use "all reasonable care to provide a reasonably safe workplace". Additional federal court cases have addressed the issue of whether an employer can ban smoking as a health hazard.

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