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Essay on Teacher


Essay on Teacher

An essay on teacher can start by defining what a teacher does and why it is such an important role. A teacher imparts knowledge to those that need it. Teachers can also teach lifestyles and spiritual lessons. Jesus was a teacher who taught the value of love, Mahatma Gandhi taught humanity about non-violence and the power of truth. In that sense it may be true to say that the finest teachers are found outside the classroom.

Teachers play a crucial part in our life and point the way to our career paths; yet they are perhaps the lowest paid professionals in the country.

Functions of a teacher

An essay on teacher can also highlight the valuable things a teacher does such as teaching us about universal values like love and building future citizens. It is only by providing more opportunity to teachers that our children can advance.

An essay on teacher can also start by pointing out that the 5th of September is celebrated as teacher’s day in India. An essay on teacher should also include some anecdotes of your favorite teacher and why.

An essay on teacher can discuss different kinds of teachers –from school teachers to prophets. Teacher's Day is a good time for the entire country to realize the importance of teachers.

Best teacher awards

An essay on teacher can cover the lives of teachers that have won a best teacher award and how they have served their community. Also examine the characteristics of a good teacher. The best teachers at the end of the day are the ones that teach their students to be independent and self-sufficient. So teachers of arts and crafts are also very important.

An essay on teacher can also give valuable information on some really good teacher-training institutions in the country as well a discussion on reward and punishment as a means for social control.

Try listing out the qualities of your favorite teacher. Was the teacher-

  • Kind
  • Jovial
  • Generous
  • Patient and loving

Highlight incidents that throw up such desirable qualities. You can never run short of interesting material for any essay on teacher so happy writing