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Essay on the American dream


Essay on the American dream

Writing an essay on the American dream is a true pleasure, for Americans.  However, most of the students find it rather difficult to write essays for two reasons: 1) they have no time to write an essay or 2) they do not want to write an essay.  Of course, there are many other reasons why students hate writing.  Here is a sample of essay on the American dream:

…Americans, at least young Americans, are apparently not too worried by global threats. If we are to judge by the surveys, college students' hearts are set on a good job in a large organization, a ranch-type home in the suburbs, a beautiful wife, two cars, and at least $15,000 a year. It is, however, difficult to reconcile this current edition of the American dream with the century of missile warfare. The American dream was founded on America as a haven -- a haven, that is, where a man could start afresh. By the inexorable forces of history, that haven is now the command post in a global struggle. Our energies and our resources gave us wealth. They gave us also power. We might have hoped that this power would be simply added protection for the continuing fulfillment of our dreams. But power, unfortunately, cannot be bottled. It is an act of force. It creates action and reaction. Unused, it leaves a vacum that something else will fill. Indeed, the mere existence of a power center seems to provoke a threatening response.

The question before us is whether in our business society today we can find continuing fulfillment of the American dream. It is true, as we have seen, that America considered in isolation was and, I believe, still is promises. The fruits of American energy and American resources are still the envy of the world. Such a question, however, can no longer be asked in an American context. The good life for Americans is now inextricably tied to peace and progress throughout the world. And we may indeed have cause for twentieth-century pessimism unless this challenge is met.

As President Eisenhower said in his recent State of the Union message, our long-range problem is not the stamina of our enormous engine of production. It is to bring our immense resources to bear confidently and creatively both here and in the whole free world. And it is not just a question of economic resources. The Soviet Union is pressing into the service of its expansion every human activity -- trade, economic development, military power, science, research, the arts, education, and not least, the ideas and principles by which it lives…

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