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Essay Outline and Formats


Essay Formats

If you want to write a good essay, you need a good essay outline. After all, any work without essay outline is chaotic, without any order and reasoning your ideas «wander in a circle». So, you need to learn how to make an essay outline. However, it is not so easy.

  • To make an outlineof the essay is to divide it into fragment (the text), mentally highlighting the main stages, which help develop your ideas logically.
  • Each fragment is a micro-text, which is equal to one paragraph or more. Each micro-text should correspond to the essay outline item. Keep in mind that essay outline must be united by main idea, which has its borders in the beginning, main body and conclusion.
  • As for the title, the writer uses not only separate words and sentences but detailed phrase. Some words are too «narrow», specific. So, it is very difficult to express the main idea with the help of them. Nevertheless, the complex sentences are also not appropriate as they offer already completed thought.
  • Word combination is more appropriate for essay outline. You should aim for a certain semantic unity, bringing information to the compact form. It means that every idea you include in your outline is to be fully developed in the essay.

Essay Outline Basics

  1. Introduction. Introduction identifies the main idea, sets the tone throughout the work, and introduces the short version of an outline in an essay form.
  2. Main Body. The main part fully discloses the key idea of the essay and related issues. It presents a system of evidence which is put forward by the arguments.
  3. Conclusion. Conclusion summarizes final results and assessments.

Essay Format

Essay Format is another important step of writing. Even if the work is written perfectly but the essay format is not appropriate, your essay will not be evaluated as excellent one. In order to avoid such situation you need to use essay format properly. By the way, our clients get free outline and proper formatting.  If you need help with essay writing, do not hesitate to rely on professionalism of our writers!