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Essays on respect


Essays on respect

Writing essays on respect, you may choose to write a descriptive, exemplification, or definition essay.  If you are writing a descriptive essay on respect, you may describe an instance involving a theme of respect.  If you are writing an exemplification essay on respect, you may choose to write a person who is respectful in your opinion.  Below is a short sample essay on respect for parents. If you need help with writing essays on respect, keep in mind that our essay writers are online 24/7.  We will also provide you with a free outline, cover page, and reference list.  Custom essay writing service is affordable, reliable, and 100% legal.

Respect for parents was expressed by a number of informants, and emphasized as the key to parent-child relationships in seven families. "When papa spoke," writes one of a large Negro family, "we all listened and obeyed, for we all respected him." "My mother," writes another, "was more than loved and respected: she was admired." "Between parents and children," says one of eleven, "there was mutual respect and affection. We were taught ready obedience to our parents and respect for each other. Loyalty among us was intense." "We respected father both for what he achieved and what he did for us," says an oldest son. "It would never have occurred to us to displease him."

Love of parents is mentioned in a number of case records as influencing the behavior of the children. Sons tend to use the word "respect" in speaking appreciatively of their fathers, and the word "love" for their mothers; daughters apply the term "love" to both fathers and mothers. Love cannot be separated from respect, admiration, and other feelings of appreciation: we are here merely reporting the term used by our informants. There are thirteen case records where love of parents is emphasized as an important factor in child rearing, but reference to love of one parent, as distinguished from the other, appears in a good many more. Fathers who rage and bluster and bully and whip and otherwise alienate the affections of their children should read our case records to see how the children turn to their mothers for comfort and love and sympathy, and, finding them there, obey the dictates of love rather than the thundering demands of fear.

The twenty-eight families in which there was disagreement between the parents constitute quite a different story, with a number of well-defined variations. There is the family where father is violent and mother is cowed and resigned; or where the father is loved, managing his children with quiet persuasiveness, while the mother is explosive, irritable, and always ready to depreciate the father. In another case the father, aided and abetted by his aunt, lords it over the children, while the mother plays the role of a sullen servant, bogged down with pregnancies and housework. Or there was the mother who played up to the children after the father punished them, seeking to draw them close to her; and the mother who calmed the irate father, or comforted the children when he dealt with them too harshly. There was the father, "always so high tempered, so that we flew to mother for shelter," and the father "always considerate while mother was forever nagging at us."

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