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Example of descriptive essay of a person


Example of a descriptive essay of a person – Nelson.  Read this free sample and create your own written masterpiece!

In many ways, like all of us Nelson has been changing over the years. I think that the basic change in Nelson is that as he has been living through prison his anger and hatred of the system has been increasing, but the manifestations of that anger have become less visible to a person. They are more subdued, more tempered. They've become more cold and analytical in focusing on the evils of the system. His morale has been such that he has been one of the men that has inspired all who came into contact with him. He isn't the only one; there are many who've played this role; in truth, all of us in our own small way have helped each other, but Nelson has been outstanding. He has had the confidence of all prisoners, whatever their political persuasion, and has been accepted by all as a spokesman of the whole prisoner community. He has often sought and guided us in the campaigns we've waged so that even though we were fighting on losing ground, that is, ground controlled by the enemy, the campaigns we waged would at least bring us some benefit.

His confidence in the future has been growing. I do not recall a time when he showed any despondence or gave us any clue that he may be thinking in the back of his mind that he would never live through prison. He has always shown this belief in private and in public, and I believe I can say this, knowing him intimately, not even when Winnie was in jail, detained, or when news came out of her torture or whatever demoralising actions were taken by the enemy, has Nelson flagged. His spirit has been growing, and I think the reasons for this high morale amongst us are very deeply related to our conditions. First of all, I believe that the enemy's treatment is counterproductive; it's a dead loser. You never fail to be reminded every moment in prison that you are there not just as a prisoner but as a black man, and that alone tells you that the only way to survive, even if you haven't thought it out, is to fight back.

It is a very important element in our morale that we are able to find ways to fight back: We feel we have something to do; we have a programme in prison; we want to put our demands. Our central issues are: (a) release, unconditionally; (b) interim treatment should be that of political prisoners; (c) remove all racial discrimination. Now that on its own is a limited programme which we know we cannot win altogether, since it is dependent on the wider struggle, but it has given us something to fight for. The fact that we came to prison as political fighters and are kept together gives us this opportunity to act as a collective.

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