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Example of persuasive essay


Example of persuasive essay

The only rule of successful persuasive essay writing is:  your persuasive essay must persuade the reader to accept something as true or convincing.  For example, persuasive essay can be devoted to the abortion question.  Your task is to persuade the reader of your persuasive essay that abortion is morally wrong. It sounds rather easy, doesn’t it?  However, you have probably already tried to write your own persuasive essay and you know that it is not very easy.  With our professional essay writing service, persuasive essay writing has never been easier!  Order custom essay writing help at our site and we will write your persuasive essay on any topic and within any deadline!

Example of persuasive essay on progressive era:

As the new century progressed and more women equipped themselves with the college training required for civic leadership, they quickly made their influence felt. In the Progressive Era they labored to cleanse cities from corruption of political machines; they promoted public health, nursing care, and education for maternity among thousands of women living in rural backwaters and city slums; they fought to end the double standard and to promote enlightened policies of population control; and they encouraged support for schools, museums, and libraries.

The 1920s was a decade of business prosperity and diminished social consciousness. Because of this climate of political conservatism, the trailing banner of Progressivism was held aloft more often than not by educated middle-class women. In the assurance of their presence upon the American scene, in the skill they employed in their dealings with men, and in the realism of their approach to the myriad problems facing a nation whose promises were often far removed from its deeds, they constituted the type of active, educated women brought to full expression by Emily Putnam. Like her, they usually exercised power long enough to make a significant difference in the course of events.

Similar as were their backgrounds and as closely related as were their respective efforts at eliminating broad political, social, legal, and educational inequalities, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Emily James Putnam differed to some degree in their predictions concerning women's fate. Mrs. Stanton spoke as though the removal of the final male barrier to women's fulfillment would suffice to liberate them from the shackles of the past and insure their full participation in the future. Mrs. Putnam's more skeptical analysis held that women's traditional domestic specialization had planted in them a dangerously "unsocial" tendency, an enduring inclination to concentrate their thoughts on the family instead of the larger world. This condition, of course, did not apply to all women: whether married or single, the educated women for whom Emily Putnam spoke could presumably look beyond their own immediate concerns. Even laboring women, according to Mrs. Putnam, had found not only an escape from the nursery but a kind of psychological salvation in the broadened outlook of the world of work. Yet the vast majority of women around the turn of the century had neither the education nor the working experience to widen their social horizons. They were inheritors of Catharine Beecher's philosophy of domesticity, with its twin principles of maternal sanctity and allegiance to the hearth.

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