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Example of research papers


Example of research papers

Example of research papers is a useful sample of written paper.  As a student, you have to write numerous research papers for all courses.  However, the truth is that not every student is able to produce quality writing not because he does not want to do his homework but rather because assignments are becoming more difficult while students have no time to devote to writing.  The following example of research paper is written on economic pressures and women. 

…Economic pressure is the outstanding reason why women take paid positions outside their homes, according to evidence accumulated through a score or more of studies by the Federal Women's Bureau and other organizations. The majority of women who go to work after marriage are receiving no support whatever from husbands: they are widows, divorced or deserted women, or wives of sick or unemployed men. In a large proportion of the cases where the husband does work, his earnings or his contributions are irregular, or are inadequate to maintain the scale of living considered essential in the community.

Among women who have had a college education and whose husbands occupy the better paid professional and business positions, the reasons for doing paid work after marriage are rather different from those among less educated wives of less well paid husbands. Often economic reasons do play their part. Many wives who have had training in college or in their work before marriage find that they can earn enough outside the home to employ competent household help, and still have a margin left over to raise considerably the family scale of living. Other factors enter, however. The great increase of women's education and of their entrance before marriage into the professions and into the more responsible executive and business positions has created, for the first time in history, a supply of literally millions of women who have had training and experience in creative activities outside the home. A great proportion of these women have had little or no training or experience in home duties. Many of them find dishwashing, cooking, cleaning, and mending distasteful and drudgerious. They feel the natural craving to keep on using and developing further their intellectual and executive powers. Even if they have servants, home management leaves them inadequately occupied, restless, and suffering from a sense of futility. Failure to grapple courageously with the realities of home-making, and to put into the task the energy and resources needed to achieve success, intensifies these feelings. These conditions are particularly acute among wives who have no children.

Even among those childless wives who feel no very urgent cravings toward professional and business careers, the lack of adequate stimulus to useful activity in their homes produces in many cases deterioration of personality and even pathological nervous and mental conditions. Paid employment may, therefore, be highly beneficial….

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