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Example research paper


Example research paper

The following example research paper is written on women’s rights.  The topic is exceptionally interesting as well as wide.  Thus, you should focus your research on the specific aspect of the topic, develop a good research question, and gather reliable information.  The following example research paper is useful as a sample of professional research paper writing.

….In Colonial days, women were subjected, by law and by custom, to the authority of men. Their property, their incomes, their children, and their persons, were legally under the control of their husbands. They were largely excluded from the professions, careers, and rights which men enjoyed. By 1930 (except in some particulars in a very few backward states) women had been given equal legal rights with men to vote, to hold office, to serve on juries, to control their own property, and to be guardians of their own children. In actual social practice they were being admitted to all the leading professions and occupations pursued y men, and had much of the freedom of action which men had so long reserved to themselves.

What caused this great change? Suffragists argued that only the vote could free women from male tyranny. Educators believed that the training of women leaders was the most important means to the emancipation of the sex. But history shows that the suffrage movement, women's education, and the release of women from legal injustices all developed more or less simultaneously.

At one earlier period in human history, women attained almost as great a degree of freedom and justice as in Euro-America in 1930. That period was during the later Roman Empire. To understand fully the causes which produced modern feminism, it is necessary to go back of that Roman liberation to the Stoics and their dogma of human equality.

The philosophy of equalitarianism found religious expression in the Society of Friends (Quakers) founded in 1648 by George Fox. The Friends protested against social inequalities by their refusal to wear fine clothing, to use different forms of address in speaking to persons of different social ranks, to lift their hats as a sign of deference, or to recognize ordained ministers as being more fit than common people to receive and transmit the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (the "Inner Light"). Among other inequalities which they repudiated was that between men and women. From the start, women took a prominent part in the ministry and leadership of the movement. It was two members of this Society of Friends -- Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton -- who, in 1848, organized the first women's rights convention.

Other Protestant denominations were less aggressive in promoting feminism. Indeed, the Apostle Paul's injunctions to women to subor dinate themselves to men (rather than his statement "there can be no male and female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus,") were quoted for centuries by anti-feminists. Yet it should be noted that it was religious groups who opened the first colleges ( Oberlin and Mount Holyoke) to women….

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